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Remembering Ann Ford

In 1997, Ann Ford received the “Justin Dart Distinguished Citizen Award” from the Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities in Illinois.

For the award, Mr. Dart himself recorded the following congratulatory message. We have added the video to INCIL’s Ann Ford remembrance page at

When you feel frustrated or down from the challenges of your life or daily work, draw on Justin’s powerful tribute to Ann for strength.

JUSTIN DART ON ANN FORD (Transcription):

 “My colleagues, I am so proud to join with you today to honor Ann Ford.

It has been my privilege to know and to work with Ann for almost two decades.

She is one of the great pioneers of disability rights and empowerment in America.

Her resume speaks for itself.

I just say this: Ann has the single distinguishing characteristic of greatness.

Like Abraham Lincoln,

Like Harry Truman,

And Martin Luther King,

She is passionately dedicated to the principles of inalienable rights and of empowerment

And she just will not give up.

She has experienced devastating political and policy disaster; painful personal attacks; disastrous disunity in our community.

She has refused to give up. She has hung in there for democracy.
She leads us still today.

Ann, we love you, we respect you. Lead on, lead on.

Colleagues, together we have overcome. Together, we shall overcome.”

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