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Assistive Technology Grant Success!

What a wonderful Christmas present for the Center! We received this note from a very happy family with a new assistive technology device!

My daughter Cayla, received her new IPad with the Itouch app installed and she absolutely loves it. The IPad has changed the dynamics in her life and our family’s lives. It gives her the opportunity to verbalize her wants and needs. It has made a huge impact in her ability to communicate in the home and within society. Where we have seen the most improvement is at restaurants, she is now able to order her own meals and does this independently. As time goes on I am sure this will grow into a whole lot more. We are so grateful for this donation as it has made a positive impact on her quality of life and our family!
Merry Christmas, J*
Cayla is a recipient of our Assistive Technology for Children grant. For more information, or to see if you qualify for our Assistive Technology for Children grant, please contact us at 815-729-0162 or at