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Community Reintegration Transition Coordinator
(Posted 02/21/2018 – Open until filled)

We are seeking a Community Reintegration Transition Coordinator to join our team! You will provide support to consumers with disabilities in both individual and group settings.

The general scope of duties is to provide effective and efficient independent living services to people with disabilities who wish to move from a nursing facility to community living. This position also provides personal assistant orientation, personal assistant management, and training to personal assistants on the Independent Living Philosophy, as well as training on how to avoid fraud/abuse to consumers. The position requires that the employee must believe in and act in accordance with the Independent Living Philosophy. Must maintain complete confidentiality of any and all information that concerns consumers, potential consumers, and staff.


  • Participate in public policy and legislative advocacy projects.
  • Establish and maintain an active caseload; maintain accurate, up-to-date consumer files; complete all necessary forms/reports on time and as assigned. Complete required documentation in a timely manner.
  • Provide information and referral to consumers and the community at large including assistance on rights/laws pertaining to persons with disabilities.
  • Provide/arrange for peer counseling, skills training, advocacy, and information and referral to consumers moving from nursing facilities into the community alone or in conjunction with other staff.
  • Consult with other agencies/service providers, nursing facilities and home health care agencies, who could assist consumers in goal progress/attainment.
  • Assess individual needs to identify a home and support system in the home which meets safety and accessibility requirements.
  • Provide information for the appropriate staff member to make one-time purchases including the completion of vendor bids for equipment.
  • Act as a liaison and advocate for and with consumers with agencies to facilitate receipt of benefits or services.
  • Maintain a consumer personal assistant management curriculum for new Home Services consumers and/or those consumers who are at risk of losing their personal assistants.
  • Develop and maintain a system for personal assistant recruitment and maintain up-to-date personal assistant registry.
  • Participate in the Center’s outreach efforts by speaking to clubs, consumer groups, social/human service organizations, advocacy coalitions, etc., on specific duties and the Center in general.
  • Additional outreach activities include guest editorials and letters to the editor, feature articles in newspapers, and radio and/or TV appearances.
  • Advise the Executive Director of circumstances that might warrant attention/services beyond the scope of Center purposes(s) and/or operational policies and procedures.
  • Maintain required job skills and core professional competencies. Attends and actively participates in required educational programs and staff meetings.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Previous experience in social work, counseling, or other related fields preferred but not required
  • Personal experience with a disability preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) candidate strongly preferred but not required
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of community resources
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Compassionate and caring demeanor
  • Ability to build rapport with consumers
  • Strong leadership qualities

Unique Job Requirements:

  • Ability to travel within two county area and beyond as needed
  • Ability to work weekends and/or evenings as needed
  • Acceptance of the Independent Living Philosophy

Salary: Negotiable, depending on qualifications and experience

Benefits: Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance

Job Type: Full-time