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Advocacy. Peer Counseling. Information & Referral. Independent Living Skills. Transition Services.

As people with disabilities and their advocates, the Disability Resource Center strives for equality and empowerment of persons with disabilities in the Will and Grundy County areas. We inform persons with disabilities of their rights, educate them about their responsibilities, provide support services, promote advocacy, and raise community awareness about disability issues.

If you are having issues with inaccessible walkways in Joliet, please call Disability Resource Center. Ask for Riley.

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Disability Resource Center’s Specialized Programs & Services

  • ★ ITAC Amplified Phone Selection Center
  • ★ Fast Track Transition Program
  • ★ S.K.I.L.L.S. Classes (Sharing Key Independent Living Life Skills)
  • ★ Peer Support Groups
  • ★ Housing Referral
  • ★ Public Transportation Training
  • ★ Personal Assistant Recruitment & Training Program
  • ★ Local & Statewide Personal Assistant Registry
  • ★ Voter Registration
  • ★ Disability Awareness Training
  • ★ Sign Language Interpreter Referral
  • ★ Deaf Services
  • ★ Visual Impairment Services
  • ★ Fair Housing Assistance
  • ★ Seminars & Workshops
Live United United Way
Illinois Network of Centers for Independent Living
Grundy County Chamber of Commerce
Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce

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