Fast Track Transition School Services

Fast Track Transition is a free, in-school program that serves students with disabilities who are at least 14 and no older than 21 years of age, are enrolled in an education program, and are not already a participant in the Department of Rehabilitation Services vocational rehabilitation program. Instruction is provided directly in the classroom by our Independent Living Advocates, covering a wide range of important skills and topics young adults need to succeed on the "fast track" to independence. 

Disability Resource Center staff instructs students in these 5 services (and more):

  1. Introduction to Self-Advocacy
  2. Job Exploration Counseling
  3. Counseling on Post-Secondary Education
  4. Workplace Readiness Training
  5. Work-Based Learning Experiences

If your transition-aged student is signing up for Fast Track, please fill out both the Fast Track Agreement Form and the Transition Services Intake Form.  ALL fields need to be filled out, including birthdate and social security number.